Welcome to join radio Red Leaf. This radio is a non-commercial, that means no ads gonna break Your joy when the radio is switched for the background. Radio Red Leaf gonna aired from Dublin, Ireland. Music choice You gonna hear stretches enormously wide from around the globe. Hopefully less mainstream music and more music You never heard of, or music which one deserves perhaps more attention. I bet You gonna like it. The idea is not to help them conquer the top lists but just to show, they are there....available. Some of these artist are really good. You can find them from music list page with links added to get closer to them. Also more music in different languages in will be represented hereby. Thanks a lot for finding us, reading this webpage and opening player and get tuned on our new internet radio station "RadioRedLeaf". Thank you for the music. Cheers !!!
Urban Legends Cover Album-copy
Known as Mood Music composer, session guitarist & educator on the web, Antonio is glad he could set aside some time and finish this long-awaited album. "It was like these songs were imploring me to finish them & give them life... I could't resist."
Layla Zoe. Gemini. Double album of electric and acoustic music released in 2018 (Independent).
If you haven’t experienced Layla Zoe live on stage, you’ve missed something akin to magic, something that drips with deep emotion, raw pain, and power. You’ve missed the rightfully nicknamed “Firegirl”, do what she does best. Layla admits, “The studio is not my comfort zone. I love to feel the energy of the audience, live on stage.”
BLUES becomes like a religion. And Fervent practitioner he learns stories, legends, anecdotes, quotes. He is inspired by the great as well as famous unknown and his guitar becomes his soul complement. Love at first sight with NEW YORK. The crossing of TEXAS and the festival SXSW of AUSTIN. The wonders of NEW ORLEANS.
Over the years Rod Best has been involved in training and developing of singers and musicians as well as writing music arrangements for small stage band through to large orchestras, direction of major musical productions and song composition. He studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Jazz Improvisation and Advanced Arranging, developing a wealth of experience in composition and arrangement in jazz and contemporary keyboarding styles.
Audiobinger was created by Jason "Jay" St. Thomas. He is the man behind the music. Jason's music has been placed on various shows on network television such as National Geographic, Discovery, MTV, NBC, ABC, WWE, etc...
Betterwithmusic dot com (by the artist name Jahhzar) offers custom music too, on demand, created specifically for your needs, exclusive and Royalty Free. From acoustic folk-rock to dub, from celtic traditional music to funk, triphop or IDM. Classic pop, synthpop, dreampop. Pianos and guitars. Instrumental music in all styles designed and made to all types of audiovisual projects and / or events. No matter the language, just communicate.
Blues Revue Magazine describes the Kelly Bell Band (KBB) as “Among the most genre-expanding acts on today’s blues scene. Who else can combine elements of hip-hop, funk, and blues-electrified here” Originally formed as the back-up band for rock and roll pioneer, Bo Diddley, KBB has been touring the world ever since entertaining fans in Japan, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cuba, Germany and more.
Here at scottholmesmusic dot com, you can find our best tracks which were carefully selected to suit your project needs. Happy Music is just one example on the long list of fantastically good music.
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