Under construction this page.. Frequently Asked Questions

What is Radio Red Leaf?

Welcome to Radio Red Leaf! This is a website that presents a radio station that enables you to tune in directly from your desktop browser, tablet or smartphone with no download required. You can listen to it for free! Radio Red Leaf is owned and operated by...... ..... with help of many friends from close and far. Home of Radio Red Leaf is located in Dublin, Ireland. We all love to listen to radio and music. Cheers.. !!

How to listen?

To listen live just use radio player from home page. Radio station streams online and uses MP3 format. This website is optimized working well on all modern web browsers. All browsers nowadays are supported with MP3 music format.

Why does sound "stutter" when listen on-line?

The sound may stutter if the speed of your internet connection is not high enough or if your internet provider is experiencing "congestion" with too many users logged on at the same time.

Give away any information?

No, no and no. Radio Red Leaf appreciate listeners, musicians, and music authors privacy and acts towards it.

Can i download any song?

Unfortunately no downloading music. According to the agreement with PPI Music Ireland, downloading is not allowed.

Can i request any song?

Unfortunately no song requests. According to the Agreement with PPI Music Ireland, song request is not allowed.

Can i send my music?

Yes, you can send music. Use email given below and we can discuss further how to send music.

Can i get response to my music?

Song response depends the amount of work behind the station and running the station. At the beginning when radio just starting i believe there is time for response. But please, no demanding for song response. Let's stay friendly.

I can be sure that this radio station is not scam?

Yes, you can be sure. Any donation you like to provide, based on volunteer feelings. No email will be sent to anybody without previous agreement. Radio station will be registered on the legal basis with Irish Music Authorities to pay out any royalties to musicians and music authors.

What is a cost to run radio station?

Direct cost for the creation of radio station depends on several different circumstances like website hosting, music server hosting, buying music, some other details. Final cost will remains private. But, I can ensure creating a radio station is not for free. And if you like to know, is it difficult to do...well, not so easy, to be honest.

I like this radio and likes to help.

Thanks for your attention if you like to do so. We appreciate your decision! First of all, spread the word and spread the good word. Second, visit our goods page, choose a merchandise and ...Voila! And the third one, just donate. Thank You.

Live translation or autoDJ?

Hereby i must admit, currently not possible to go live. Conditions would not permit to go live, too noisy. So yes, autoDJ does background work but only playing what is given on the pre-ordered music list.